The Creator’s Love

” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11

When you know that God will surely lead you into the right path, you shouldn’t tremble, you shouldn’t be coward and most especially you should not give up because God is always there for you no matter what.

I remember when we have our small group and we have a question that we need to discuss to our fellow group mates/friends. The question went, “How are you going to share to you workplace the word of God? How are going to tell to your classmates about God?” Among the answers that were shared, one answer captivates me the most and it was. “You can share the word of God telling how did you experience God working in your life.” Right, that is one of the good answer that I’ve been waiting for. Since in my working progress with God, It came out on my mind that as a believer, you need to share it with your fellowman what God and Jesus done for us. Also it is a commandment for us to follow, The Great Commandment.

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

– Matthew 28:19-20

But another question that popped on my mind was, How am I going to share it? I once had a chance to share it with my cousins, and I never know where to start. First things first, before you share the word, you must pray to God. I never knew it back then. I grabbed that very opportunity sharing God with cousin because we were in the same boat.

As I reflect on my group mate answer, I did the same thing. Sharing God through my experience with God.

So here it goes.

It happened last year and I know God has a plans for me that’s why my life now didn’t turned out the way that I thought. I’m currently studying Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science. We are trained to make a diagnosis on the laboratory or to identify the illness based on the laboratory works. Being a student of medical technology was surely a very tough job and I very tiring too. I know that in any fields of medicine course this will probably that rants. Also, we undergo many studies that relates to laboratory science like, Microbiology, Parasitology, Clinical Chemistry, Histology, Hematology, Clinical Microscopy and many more. Our ultimate weapon for this course in the microscope! Oh yeah! it is fun learning this especially when you will relate in on the diseases. Sometimes I feel like a doctor because the results in laboratory  has the final say on what disease a person have. Laboratory diagnosis will aid the physician to support his/her diagnosis on the patient.

The hardest part of being a medical technologist is studying lol! there will be a time that you will experience a lot of sleepless nights because of studying. There are lots of terms that you need to memorize. One secret that I’ve learn is you should not only memorize, but analyze is the right thing to do.

One subject that I didn’t like is the Clinical Chemistry. I don’t like chemistry at all that’s why I asked myself on the first place, “Why did I study this course?” That was very funny question to me. I never knew how did I passed from the worst chemistry subjects like Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry and the worst of all the Organic Chemstry. But only Clinical Chemistry knocks me off my feet! I don’t know maybe because I don’t like our professor but she seems very competent on teaching but also I think she also have some issues like favoritism and etc. But I’m thankful for her because I really learned a lot from her like venipucture (extracting blood from patient) and to eat the book of that subject.

On my first semester, I know that my grades were failing because I never passed one of her quizzes and exams. I’m loosing hope that time because my grade was very low like 65% over 100%. Gee! it is the lowest grade that got since I am studying. Lots of students on the higher batch warned us that 3rd year was the worst year of being a student. So from that day, I finally believed them.

Also the schedule of my class was not even a student friendly. So how am I supposed to manage all of my subject because of my schedule, surely one subject will have to suffer and that is my bioethics subject. The worst schedule that I’m talking about was every Wednesday. That is such a tight schedule without even a break. Good thing one of our professor gave a bit of her time just for us to have our lunch. A total of 4 subjects in that day with quizzes every meeting surely we are all jam packed.

Thinking that my bioethics will suffer the most, I got a wrong answer. When we had our final exam and I see my name of the removals list ( it means that you are given a chance to pass the subject if you pass the removal exam) I got my removal exam on my Clinical Chemistry subject. The brighter side of that, my professor taught us everything that exam will cover so I guess I’ll just have to study. In reality I’m so nervous thinking that it is a do or die test. I asked God to give me wisdom and knowledge for this exam. I’m so confident that time because when I finally saw the questions on our exam, I can’t help but to smile because I know the answers well. I know God answered my prayers already so when the list who passed the exam were posted, I gotta say that God is so awesome and powerful! because I passed the exams! meaning I will be a regular student on the next semester.

Clinical Chemistry I think was my Waterloo. On my second semester, I’m stuck with the same professor and again my grades were not as low as before but still I can see the light that I will pass. But when on the finals, I got a lowest mark on the quiz, I started to tremble again. Like I had this feeling when I know that I will take a  removal exam on this subject. And right, on the second time around, I take my removal exam on that subject. This time I cried a lot. Because all of my classmates are rejoicing and here I am studying, stuck again with this same subject. I guess God has a plan for me, to understand Clinical Chemistry more and more. When I’m answering the exam, the questions were easy and I have a feeling that I can pass that. But something in the back of my mind made me feel that I’m not so confident as before. So the results are just like what I’ve felt. I didn’t passed that exam. I will be an irregular student then. Meaning, I will be one semester delayed and I will graduate on October 2014 instead of March 2014. To be an aspiring doctor, this is really a great delay. I will wait for a year for me to enter my medicine proper that will be on June 2015.

I was not sad when I knew that I didn’t pass. Because I really want to have a vacation! haha! and I really want to join our youth camp on our church and especially, I will be able to attend our youth fellowship every Saturday! That’s the advantage when I become an irregular student. But if I become a regular student, I guess I can’t do that because my schedule will be so full again thinking that the class started April 2013.

I know God wanted me to grow on His Church that’s why he did this. I was happy then and having a schedule so light, I can do anything that I want unlike when I was still an regular that I only want to do is sleep because of my sleepless nights. Most especially, I can concentrate on my other subjects since I only have 4 subjects instead of 7. See? it is totally good!

And I’m so happy because I manage to meet some new friends that are also a Christians! I’m so happy to be with them.

Truly God made a wonderful plan for me! because of his Amazing Love!