Just a Collection

I never know that someday I will be able to have a collection. I’m just a mere student and at first, my problem back then was how am I going to buy my favorite album/merchandise of my favorite artist.

Just like the others, I’m a fan girl. It started way back when I was in my 3rd year high school. I love to watch many Asian drama especially when my favorite artist are the one who are starring in. Anyone who are crazy in Taiwan dramas? yes! I’m one of them.

The moment when I saw Barbie Xu on our television, I wonder what was that drama? Then, I saw her partner Show Lo/Alan Lo and from then on my life suddenly fell on being a fan girl and become obsessed on listening mando-pop music or Chinese music. Even though I don’t understand, the melody is very catchy and for me it is way better than Korean pop (in musicality sense)

From then on, I got a chance to know my most favorite artist/musician in their country and that is Jay Chou. Knowing him have another story, so I might as well have a separate blog about him.

My collection from various artist are really expensive. I never thought that in one year, I got to spend for as much as 3000 just to buy their music album or movies. It is kind of hard to get their album in our country in a sense that they were not popular as Koreans on our country.. so my option is just to buy on the internet.

Welcome to my collections XD



All from Show Lo


Finally from Jay


Yes, I got my Jay Chou perfume from his J Moment Music Video Album Compilation


I do have other collections.. but I think it will for my next blog XD

So if love Jay Chou too.. let’s have a talk 🙂