Reality Time

Because of my busy schedule, I mean this week, this is the only time that I’ve gotten back to my laptop..yeay! cheers!

So now, I want to share to you what happened to me this week.

Being a 4th year student is never easy, especially when you are taking a medical technology course (in other country, it is called a clinical laboratory scientist). As of now, I am really enjoying all my subjects because all my professors are all good! I mean I can digest all their information that they taught us.

Right now, their teaching mechanism is based on how their students respond on the situation that were given to them. Like for example, Clinical Chemistry 3 which is Endocrinology.

Gee!I never thought that Endocrinology is a very interesting subject. Because you are going relate all the mechanisms that are happening from your brain (hypothalamus) to your pituitary gland and to the target organ. Honestly, when I’m taking my Anatomy and Physiology class, the worst lesson that I’ve encountered is on Endocrine System. But luckily, I’m beginning to understand the real world of Endocrinology. Probably this is the most interesting part of Clinical Chemistry.

Second stop is the Blood banking.

My first impression in that subject is. IT IS HARD. Good thing that my professor is very superb in discussing it. What I mean is, he is making that hard subject a piece of cake. Even though there are some terminologies that I can’t understand, he really sees to it that we all understand on what he is talking about. And right now, I’m loving the wonders of blood banking. On the brink of studying that, I realized that blood is really a complex thing. Meaning, it is very complicated that is has many terminologies. But what you portray in this subject reflects about all your understanding on this. Practically, you will apply this when you hit your internship. Yeay!! I’m so excited for it.

For those who are curious on what we do in blood bank is, you will study the properties of blood… everything in it so you will understand the rationale on the transfusion process (blood donation). The you will get a chance to work on the most crucial work of a clinical laboratory scientist which is to test the compatibility of the blood for your patient who needs blood. This tasks, even though you will be liable for the results really keeps me really excited. I just don’t know if I’m weird or not but I  really enjoyed blood banking. I’m really amazed that I’m learning the different blood types and be able to apply it to my own. The ABO, Rh and lots of blood group system that you need to memorize. It is really fun when you love the subject that you are studying even though it is hard. HAHA! Probably, that is the most common dilemma of every students.

Earlier, when I take my seminar lessons and it is all about Mycology, even though I love the subject… the exam is really hard. Because to think of it that it is almost a year since I last studied that lesson. But then again, I never appreciated much of Mycology than Virology and Bacteriology. I can’t really imagine the fungi and everything. Mycology is really such a headache for me..lols! Good thing that next week, it will be all about Virology. Yeah! we’ll talk about virus.

I guess, that will be my entry for now. Because I’m to sleepy… It’s really nice sharing what is happening on your medical stuffs right?