Jay Chou: Breaking the Ice

So why am I blogging now? Hmm simply because I wanna share how did I came to know the one and only Jay Chou.

First. It all started when I’m finding another artist that I can listen too..

I admit, I somehow hate Jay at first because I’m a huge fan of Show Luo. He’s my ultimate bias when it comes to mandopop world. I didn’t really know jay at that time but every time I look at the any music awards, I always see the name of Jay where he always get the most all of the awards, because I’m hoping that Show will get the most of the awards. And it really irritates me because I always read the name “Jay Chou” and it really annoys me alot! And I wonder why he always get the major wards while show is only few.

And there is a English forum of Show that I’m also a member of it and I’ve a thread about the comparison of Rashomon (show’s 10th album) and The Era of jay… of course all the people including me supported show in his album.. other people commented that “The Era of jay is not as good as his past album..” so they always go with the Rashomon of show because they think it have many styles and genre in terms of the melody. At that time, I was curious about the “the era thing” and I’ve listened to it……..once. And I don’t know what song was that I’ve listened but it is kinda rap.( I think that’s kua shi dai) So I told myself……”What? this Jay Chou always get the major awards and has very weird style of music!” then I’ve stayed always with Show.

Then the Mr. J channel came out.. and all the Show fans were eager to watch the premiere of that because of the “reuniting thing” that I don’t know about in their past.(i think of the double J thing that others think that Show and Jay have a misunderstandings before because show take part on jolin’s sideΒ Moreover, I simply watch the episode for the sake of Show.. then…..then…. I really loved Show and Jay’s chemistry in hosting.. and I can see that there were really friends!! Because they spilled secrets on one another and have lot’s of memories.. So I think this jay chou is not bad at all. And Show really supported Jay always!!! that he even came at his The Era concert in Taipei arena!!! and I saw that Show was seated where jay’s family and friends are. So.. I didn’t hate Jay anymore πŸ˜€

On my Christmas break last Dec 2010, i told my friend to recommend other mandopop artist so I will have a wider range of knowledge in terms in mandopop world. And she told me to listen to Jay Chou.. and she gave me her favorite album of jay which is the “on the run”, “November’s chop” and the latest which is the era… then I told her, alright, I will listen to it… and she let me watch the “Wo Bu Pei (I’m Not Worthy) because that is her favorite jay song. Then I somehow didn’t digested it because I’m still stuck with show, and Alice Tseng was also a lead girl of Show’s mv… so I made comparisons again. And the song “head over heels” by show, have a same plot of Jay’s Wo Bu Pei.. so I didn’t like it.

After downloading on the run album…….I listened to it and it was Cai Hong (rainbow) that I’ve heard….and OH MY! OH MY! OH MY!!!!! jay’s have a very nice voice!!!! very soothing and high, cute voice πŸ˜€ and also when I’ve heard “cowboy is very busy” It was actually very FUN and have a country feeling πŸ˜€ and different genre! then I told my mom to compare the voice of Jay and show.. then she said, she liked Jay’s voice!!! haha.

After that, I became curious about his latest album at that time which is the era.. and I found it good!! and i was indulge at his raps and intricate music style πŸ˜€ and known only at that time that he composed everything that he sang. And I little by little I admire him a lot, discovering many things about him was exciting πŸ˜€

in January 2011, there’s the green hornet.. and i watch it because Jay Chou is there and my other friends said that they will watch the movie because of Jay, so I watch it.. and also, I’m kinds attached to his songs already that I give it a try watching TGH. and……and…. it was ultimately fun!!! and his action skills were good. So from that time, I research a lot about him and found one of his concerts a fancam in Vancouver…….and i saw the opening and it was awesome!!!! the I told my friend, if she know where i can watch his the concert online.. and she told me just watch on the youtube.. and luckily… i found it πŸ˜€

I was totally enjoying the concert because it was great!!! and almost all of the song that he sang were my favorites. So I said to myself…..”I need to have a copy of that concert! I want it badly……” because jay was very professional singer in comes to stage and I really loved the 3D effects! and I’ve influence my sister to love jay too! and so we watch his movie secret and it was ROMANTIC!! it was really good. and Jay, is very talented because he wrote the story itself and with that, my admiration to him really grows!

i think, my 2011 year, were full of Jay’s fandom πŸ˜€ because slowly by slowly…. I’m collecting all his stuffs πŸ˜€ then I watched Kung Fu dunk (very funny and cute jay) and initial D. My dad become fond of jay’s movies too! and some of his songs hahaha! I think it’s bad that I’ve influence them haha!

Really…… Jay is one of the person that is very talented πŸ˜€ I love his shyness and his love for pink…………NOT!
up to now, i can’t imagine his thing for pink stuffs πŸ˜€ Oh well I still love him though….. and about his dance steps………….NOT πŸ˜€ haha but it’s okay for me! his dance steps were a bit funny for me.

Not to mention his dimples!!!!!!!!!! I love to stare at that!
And that’s Jay for me πŸ˜€


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